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01 What is Modern Western Women?

Modern Western Women is an organization built on the foundation of enhancing and celebrating Western Women through Lifestyle and Agriculture in a Modern World.


02 who we are

Modern Western Women is a creative space to gather a community of aspiring, like-minded, and passionate business women.

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03 what we'll do

Modern Western Women brings women from all circles to the table.  Together the Ladies of Modern Western Women have forged their passions and visions to create unity.  The uniqueness of this community, is its collaborative "girlfriends" approach.  Consisting of a variety of photographers, artists, writers, graphic designers, marketing specialists, fashionistas, small business owners, homemakers and beyond -- the Ladies work together to create masterpieces of art. 


04 - Who Is a Modern Western Woman?

The Modern Western Woman is open for interpretation for whatever suits your lifestyle. 


It's your sister.  It's your best friend.  It's your mentor. It's your next girl tribe.  It's your mother.  It's your grandmother.  It's the child within. It's the courageous spirit and energy that exists far beyond the surface.

The Modern Western Woman, is you.


The Modern Western Women is You.

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