Modern Western Women Magazine is a quarterly lifestyle publication which captivates the western lifestyle, heritage + agriculture. 


The magazine offers an uplifting outlook through topics such as everyday life; fashion + beauty; health + wellness; manifesting positivity through all aspects of life; home decor + DIY inspiration; fitness tip; traveling; information regarding our styled shoots; talking about the small business brands + boutiques that we love; & even some really delicious homemade recipes. 


What separates this publication aside from others, is that it offers you a possibility to share your thoughts on the important matters of your heart. Whether it be how you are handling the harsh, cold winter; the agricultural economy of today; the livelihood of your community; the struggles you face as a small business owner — or even some light hearted matters. Such as your grandmas homemade recipe thats been passed down your family for ages. Maybe it’s a place you traveled to recently & you want to take readers along with you for a beautiful hike. Maybe it’s a recent practice you began implementing in your life and the transitions you’ve seen in your every day life. Maybe it’s the story of how you got started finding your path & fueling your passions. Maybe it’s the gritty, the heartbreak you struggled through — and how you were able to overcome. Maybe it’s a short poem, that shares the story of your soul. ✨🌙


Modern Western Women is an open platform allowing independent voices to be heard.  Through the dynamic voices of our writers, our readers able to receive insightful messages and topics that are relatable and inspiring.


Ready to become a writer? Message is to find out how you can be featured in our next Spring magazine. 


Submissions close March 12th, 2021.

modern western women is looking for freelance writers to submit their story to our quarterly publication.


we are looking for writers to share their personal story on the following topics in our upcoming spring publication.


Ready to share your story?

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to submit your story for our next publication or for additional inquiries.

Submission should be spell-checked, well-written, and between 250-750 words.


A maximum of 3 images can be sent with your submission.  Please only send images with high-resolution and good quality.  We do ask that you cite the photo with the professional photographers name, so they may be given the credit.

Submissions should be received by Friday, March 12th.  Should your message be accepted for our Spring publication, you will be notified by Wednesday, March 17th.

Should we not submit your article in our Spring publication, we may ask to keep it on hold for an upcoming issue in the future.

A few of $10 is required for submission *acceptance* of the article.  You will receive physical copy of the written publication in return for this cost. 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Modern Western Women foundation.

While this is an open forum, we do ask that writers refrain from using derogatory commentary, discriminating words and portraying potentially harmful messages.  Should an article be submitted as such, Modern Western Women may ask you to re-write or adjust your wording.